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Nutrient Management

Everything you see happening to your trees and shrubs above ground is a reaction to what is happening underground.

Keep your trees healthy and they will be able to withstand natural and man-made stresses.

Trees and shrubs in the urban environment generally need more help than Mother Nature gives them. MFS has developed a wide menu of root and soil treatments to correct nutrient deficiencies and improve the soil environment where roots flourish. With soil analysis, we can diagnose the problem and recommend a treatment program to accomplish our goals.

Here in Missouri our heavy clay soils lack oxygen which roots need to pick up nutrients. We aerate the soil by drilling holes throughout the root system and backfill with organic material to attract beneficial microbes and fungi. We also apply biostimulants such as humic acid and mycorrhiza which help mimic the natural forest soils. Our fertilization programs consist of a wide variety of products that can be applied throughout the year to correct deficiencies in nutrients, micronutrients and soil pH.


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Your firm was great & your clean-up was the best. Thanks so much!
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