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Landscape Design & Installation

Landscapes provide style, aesthetics, and functionality to the home. It reflects the taste, vision, and lifestyle of the owners. At MFS we understand this and know how important it is to you.

Our goal is to help create the landscape that reflects what matters to you. Whether it’s a more traditional formal garden with articulated beds, hard edges, and a tightly controlled plant palette, a contemporary landscape with a minimalist methodology and bold geometric shapes, or a naturalistic landscape oasis with sweeping curves, loose lines, and colorful perennials that bloom from season to season, we design to suit your taste and needs.

As well as offering design services, MFS specializes in managing established landscapes. Therefore, we use bigger, more mature trees and shrubs that will blend into your existing landscape. In an optimistic gardening spirit we like plants to live, grow, and flourish! Landscapes are dynamic and change dramatically over time. They can become crowded or thin and frequently need restoration. Since we maintain mature trees and shrubs, as well as plant new ones, WE KNOW WHAT GROWS! If your landscape needs a facelift or your plants have become tired, we can help with fresh ideas. Give us a call with all of your landscaping projects from new to existing!


Tree and Shrub Planting

The old horticultural adage states: ‘Plant the right tree in the right place.’ By far the most important aspect of tree and shrub planting is selecting trees and shrubs well-adapted to conditions of individual planting sites. Poorly-sited plants are doomed from the start, no matter how carefully they’re planted. Our arborists are extremely familiar with the area and this gives us the unique ability to know what a tree or shrub requires from a very young age throughout maturity. We have extensive knowledge of the area and plant material – both native and non-native. MFS uses many native or locally grown plants where appropriate. Once the proper plant material has been selected, our crews will make sure the installation process is completed appropriately. We can then advise you in caring for the plants to maximize their potential.


Bed Maintenance and Mulching

Here at Metropolitan Forestry we believe in doing our part in the Green Revolution.

We recycle all of our woodchips and landscape debris into a dark, double ground organic mulch ideal for bed maintenance and tree rings. Please call us to inquire about our mulch prices – pick-up, delivery, and installation.

Our crews can:

  • Weed, edge, and clean existing beds
  • Apply pre-emergent weed control or filter fabric
  • Top dress with 2-3 inches of organic mulch
  • Install mulch rings around your trees, keeping away from the trunk
  • Install new beds

Remember there is more to mulching than meets the eye. Two to three inches is PLENTY! Keep mulch away from the trunk of your trees, and when mulching around perennials keep it out of the crown.


Grading, Drainage, and Erosion Control

Topography, pipes, and vegetation are effective tools to use to correct and enhance how water moves across your landscape. Whether it’s an overabundance of water or a general lack of water we can solve your grading drainage and erosion issues.



Let Metropolitan Forestry Services enhance the value, beauty, and functionality of your property through the installation of:

  • Retaining walls
  • Stone edging
  • Dry creek beds
  • Decorative rock

We can work with the homeowner to create a design that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Hardscape projects can also be done year round depending on the weather.

Quality Care
Proven by Our Customers

Your firm was great & your clean-up was the best. Thanks so much!
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