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Insect & Disease Management

Various insects and diseases can cause a wide range of damage or stress to your trees and shrubs. Most do not cause catastrophic damage to your plants, but the combined effect of insects, disease, soil, and weather can cause damage and decline.

Diagnosis and Evaluation of the problem is the most important part of the Plant Health Care program. Our Certified Technicians can make treatment recommendations if needed. MFS spends a great amount of time to research all the products we recommend in our treatment programs. We want to be assured that our people and the environment are protected.

We offer remedial as well as preventative soil and trunk injections that work systematically to protect your plants. Many times the infestation or infection can be removed by pruning or surgery. Let us put a protection plan together that is sensible and affective. Keep your trees and shrubs healthy and vigorous and you will have fewer insect and disease problems.


Plant Health Care Program

Our current customers receive a personalized plant health care program by mail in January. We recommend that they mail or fax this back as soon as possible so that we can begin planning our year to ensure that each landscape is taken care of properly.

Call us today if would like to hear more about our plant health care program or missed your copy in the mail.

If you sign up for 3 of the 4 basic insect sprays, you will receive a 15% off coupon on any of your fertilization programs for the season. If you have any questions, please call our office.  We are more than happy to help.

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Your firm was great & your clean-up was the best. Thanks so much!
Greg R. -Eureka


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