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Watering Guidelines

Jul 1
Jul 1 2016

Proper watering at the right intervals is critical in establishing your new plants and protecting your investment. There is no sure formula for watering trees and shrubs as every yard is different and too many variables exist, i.e. volume and pressure of your system, type of soil, grade, aspect, etc. 

Here are some guidelines:

  • Newly planted trees need to be watered directly into the root ball – twice a week when very dry.
  • Stick the end of the hose into the planting hole and ll it up.
  • It requires 1 to 2 seasons for root systems to grow out of the ball into surrounding soil.
  • Newly planted trees need to be monitored closely for the first 3-5 years.
  • Irrigation systems (unless it is drip) will not get water to the roots.
  • Be careful about increasing the time on a watering zone, as it may be watering shrubs, trees, and grass on the same zone and overwatering can be a problem.
  • Mature trees need 1 inch of water per week under normal conditions. In extreme drought, they need 2 inches per week.
  • Put out a rain gauge to check amount of irrigation as well as natural rain.
  • Evergreen plants; boxwoods, arborvitaes, spruces, hollies, should be watered once a month throughout the winter months, Nov-Feb, when air temperatures reach 40° and above to prevent winter burn.
  • Monitor rainfall and temperature. When in doubt, pull mulch back to check soil moisture and water if soil is dry to the touch.

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