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Mulberry Whitefly

May 24
May 24 2016

Tetraleurodes Mori is also known as the Mulberry Whitefly.

We have been noticing an increased occurrence of Mulberry Whiteflies on mature American hollies. Read More

Save the Water! Benefits of Harvesting Rainwater

May 18
May 18 2016

The upcoming landscape trends for 2016 are all about water! Water conservation, water retention, rain barrels, rain gardens, permeable landscaping, and drought resistant plants are a few of the most popular trending topics. Read More

Girdling Roots EXPOSED – Why are you choking your tree?

May 16
May 16 2016

Girdling roots are a serious problem for our landscape trees and we predict they will be a major cause for tree decline in the next ten years.  Read More

Warning: Japanese Maple Scale is an Urgent Threat to Our Area

May 10
May 10 2016

In 2014 we identified a scale insect that had not been seen before in our area. With the help of the Department of Agriculture it was identified as Japanese Maple Scale. Since then the problem has become much, much worse.   Read More

Watch our for Wet Weather Diseases

May 5
May 5 2016

It seems like here in Missouri we are constantly faced with weather extremes, and the past few years we have seen extremely wet spring weather. You would think that abundant rain in the spring is a necessity, but these spring showers can also bring big problems for your trees and plants.   Read More

It’s all about the MULCH

Apr 26
Apr 26 2016

Top 10 benefits of using mulch in the landscape

Mulch is great for your plants and helps maintain a clean natural look.  Here are our top 10 reasons why we recommend using it throughout your landscape. Read More

Spring cankerworms!

Apr 26
Apr 26 2016

Ahhhh Spring in St. Louis; beautiful flowers, dogwoods are blooming, everything is budding out and turning green! And the canker worms.  If you have been outside lately, you may have noticed little worms hanging from your trees suspended by a silky thread – and they are everywhere! Read More

Cabling – Support your trees!

Apr 8
Apr 8 2016

Support for weak trees

Cabling of multi-trunked trees and co-dominate stems has been in the arborists bag of solutions for 100 years.  Weak branch attachment with narrow angled “V” is inherently prone to splitting.  Read More

Audit your Landscape

Apr 4
Apr 4 2016

Landscape Audit

Take pictures of your landscape today.  With the improvements in digital photography and availability of cameras on smart phones, it would be very easy to take pictures of all the trees and shrubs in your yard and keep a file for future reference.  Read More

Hazardous Trees

Feb 25
Feb 25 2016

Public safety is a tree owner’s responsibility

What to look for if a tree is hazardous?

When a part of a tree or the entire tree has potential to fail and fall due to defects and it has a target that can be damaged or harmed, it should be considered hazardous and should be removed immediately.  Read More

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