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Dormant Trees, Active Staff: Winter Tree Care Training

Feb 8
Feb 8 2017

While your trees have been taking their winter rest, the staff at Metropolitan Forestry Services has been staying very busy training, attending seminars, studying, and honing our skills for the upcoming season.

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Jumping Oak Gall is jumping all over St. Louis!

Jun 2
Jun 2 2016

Jumping Oak Gall is jumping all over the St. Louis Region – we are seeing it everywhere!  The Jumping Oak Gall season begins in late spring when many of the upper leaves in White Oak trees began to turn brown.  A close look at these leaves reveals tiny bumps, or galls, on the under surface of the leaves. Read More

Emerald Ash Borer UPDATE: Now in St. Louis!

Oct 14
Oct 14 2015

The Emerald Ash Borer has been found in North St. Louis City. As expected, the tiny Green Menace has been moving our way. Please make sure you are prepared. Have your ash tree(s) evaluated by a certified arborist and devise a plan for those trees that are important to your landscape and that you feel comfortable making the investment to treat and protect. Read More

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